Renawood : Crafted Engineered Wood Flooring

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A fully bespoke manufacturing option that takes your specification and turns it into a reality. Rena is based in Holland and is able to craft exactly what you require, finished exactly how you desire and all within 6-8 weeks from date of order.

Rena flooring is a manufacturer of crafted engineered wood flooring.
Formed by Steinn Magnusson embodying a life time within wood flooring and a passion for the crafting of natural materials.

From the sourcing of the materials to the finishing of the floor, every stage is actioned and overseen with meticulous care and empathy. The wood is “reborn” into a floor that will last for a lifetime.

The process that we use at Rena combines mechanical and hand crafted elements ensuring that every renawood floor enhances the natural beauty of the wood at its heart.

As a bespoke manufacturer we work as an integrated element within the architectural and design sector creating the perfect floor for the project. Our offer extends the opportunity to design with multi-width combinations in a plethora of finishes, colours and textures. Whether you desire wide planks, herringbone, chevrons or contemporary narrow strip floors, renawood offers the solution.

Each floor is provided with its own “certificate of creation” which offers the owner the individual warranty that brings peace of mind for a minimum of 30 years. A maintenance and care routine will be suggested as part of the supply process.

Installation of the flooring may be undertaken by our one of our registered network or indeed by a client selected sub contractor.

We invite you to look at the renawood collections and look forward to working with you creating your own individual floor.